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A Review of the Forever Body Transformation Weight Loss Program

Having spent time going through the different parts within the Forever Body Transformation member area my first impression was – wow, this has more than I had expected.

The member area is well laid out and navigation around the site is easy.

This is a body altering, life changing program. You are lead step by step on how to lose weight and keep it off. You have downloadable ebooks and instructional videos.

The need for proper nutrition is re-enforced. Transform yourself inside and out. You get guidance on your metabolism, what to eat, hydration, and understanding servings. You also receive meal plans and recipes.

You are also encouraged to record your food intake as studies have shown this can help you lose up to 50% more weight. This is what they call the "Food Tracker".

There is a need for proper body movement exercises, so you get access to 200 workout videos to teach proper body movement exercises. The philosophy is to get your body moving the way it should. The workout guides are helpful. Real fitness is a key element in effective weight loss and real fitness is an overall state of balance. It is a state of being that exists and manifests in every aspect of your life. It's a state of being that incorporates energy, agility and flexibility into everything you and your body do.

The quick start guides cover:
How the Forever Body Transformation program works
Resting Metabolic Rate calculator – I found this interesting as I hadn't considered the idea before
Forever Body Transformation Food Tracker
Figuring out your own weight loss calories
Finding the right meal plan
Assessing your current fitness level
Miki Eberhardt's instruction videos

Forever Body Transformation is about incorporating change across the spectrum of your life. Nutrition is a critical part of that, the biggest part of that. One of the most critical elements, however, is realizing that being active can happen anywhere and at any time. You don't necessarily need to be a gym rat or own thousands of dollars in equipment to get yourself on track to a healthier life.

Here is something interesting from the member area:
"As trainers, we've seen people time after time fall off the weight loss track simply because of a small schedule change in their lives— maybe the time of a weekly meeting changes or your son's soccer game switches to Saturdays. Just like that you think you no longer have time for yourself. Maybe there's too much traffic on the way to the gym, maybe you forgot your change of clothes… whatever the excuse, it's easy for any and all of us to throw our commitment right out the window when small changes like this occur.

With this in mind, we designed this program to go with you… and stay with you. Got 15 minutes to yourself in your office during lunch? Great. That works. Got a bit of old equipment at home that you've been wanting to put to use, but don't know quite how? Fine. That works, too. A gym devotee with a membership at a world-class facility with every piece of equipment under the sun? Sure, we can make that interesting, too.

No matter where you are or what lifestyle you need, you will find what you need in Forever Body Transformation."

This truly is a great program that I can highly recommend – great people – great resources.

One thing that may help you is the Forever Body Transformation community. You can contact others, brainstorm, swap stories and successes, get help, and make online friends.

Head on over to Forever Body Transformation and check it out for yourself – take the time to watch the introduction video presentation, then take action and join up and start your positive commitment to your losing weight plans. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

The Forever Body Transformation Team

Miki Eberhardt
Miki Eberhardt is a registered dietitian and certified personal trainer and responsible for setting up the Forever Body Transformation program. She has always had a passion for health and fitness which led her to earn her Bachelor's degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from Brigham Young University. Upon graduating, she completed a year-long internship through Olive View-UCLA Medical Center where she implemented a successful employee weight loss program, taught the outpatient diabetes classes, and trained at the employee fitness center.

After a couple of years at the hospital, she started her own consulting business. She currently counsels both casual exercisers and competitive athletes, teaching them how to use food to enhance their performance and weight.

Miki cannot wait to be your nutrition consultant and help you apply the Forever Body Transformation program. When not talking nutrition and fitness, Miki enjoys spending time with her family, being outdoors, and trying her hand at new recipes.

Tyler Tsujimoto
ACE, NASM-, NASM-CES, B.S. Health Promotion and Education
Tyler is a certified personal trainer with a Bachelor's degree in Health Promotion and Education.
losing weight He was bullied as a child, being smaller than the average kid, and seeing a picture of a man with a "six-pack" compelled him to start, that day, on changing his body image. He started weight lifting in high school and as he realized how wonderful an impact health and fitness had on his life, he decided to share it with everyone and make a living at it. While a cheerleader at the University of Utah, Tyler injured his neck to the point where major surgery was recommended.

This inspired him to seek alternative treatments and that is when he discovered corrective exercise and was able to fix his neck without surgery. He realized that the majority of people who resort to medications and resort to surgery could avoid it if they were taught how to properly train their body to function in the way it was designed to. He felt this was the missing piece in his training and adding this specialty certification was the BEST thing he feels he has done for both himself and his clients.

Tyler feels like everything in his life was preparation for the Forever Body Transformation system that he, Candice and Miki have created.

Candice Sadler
NASM-CPT, APEX, Group Movement Certified (24 Hour Fitness)
Candice is a Certified Personal Trainer and has owned her own personal training business for over three years.
As a teen Candice was very active and "fit" participating in several sports but she was not "nutritionally" healthy. While attending college full time, Candice started to gain weight as years of poor eating habits caught up with her. After Candice lost significant weight and transformed her body, she started helping friends and family which led her to acquire her certifications with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) as well as APEX and Group Movement Certification through 24 Hour Fitness.

She is passionate about the weight loss, health and lifestyle transformations she is able to see from her clients. Candice is excited to now take her expertise and experience to the masses as a Forever Body Transformation team member.

Click here and go see what the team have to say about this incredible Forever Body Transformation program. I'm sure that you will not regret joining up with the program if you are clear on your losing weight goals and want a program that will support your desire weight loss and a healthier lifestyle.